'But trust me on the sunscreen...'

'But trust me on the sunscreen...'

"If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience..."

It is with good reason that Baz Luhrmann's 1999 hit was such a cult classic - it gave seriously sage advice, particularly on one of our favourite topics: sunscreen. However, knowing when to apply said sunscreen - well, that's an area we are ready to dish some advice on!


When we think of our skincare routine a couple of years back, we didn’t necessarily think SPF.

Why? Many Australians still associate sunscreen with the beach and the laborious task of smothering thick, white cream all over your skin. For so long, the consistency of the SPF options on the market left little to be desired, so while we have always known SPF was good for us, it was one of those things we thought we could skip.

“I’ll only be on the beach for a couple of hours so I’m sure I won’t burn…”. Right? Wrong! It’s true sunscreens of yore had the propensity to leave skin feeling sticky and uncomfortable (not unlike concrete was being poured into our, well, pores).

However, with the innovations in skincare and sun care alike, we are now seeing the two fuse to ensure that sun protection is not only front of mind for the everyday user, but an enjoyable product that feels just as home in our bathroom vanity as our favourite serum or cleanser.

Grapefruit Beachfox Sunscreen
Beachfox Grapefruit Sunscreen SPF 50+

An ideal Beachfox skincare routine

While Beachfox sunscreen can be applied any time of the day - that’s where our mantra ‘spray, smooth and go’ came from - we recommend spraying and smoothing into your skin 15 minutes before going into the sun and topping up every four hours. However, when we are talking first thing in the AM, we recommend taking this approach:

Cleanse & tone

Prepped skin makes for a good base to receive other products. If toning feels a bit indulgent before 8am on any given workday, commit to the cleanse at the very least!

Hydration nation

Take your favourite daily moisturiser and massage, in upwards circular motions, into the complexion - feeling fresh and looking even fresher. We recommend a lighter consistency as we move into the warmer months!


Top it off!

Take your Beachfox SPF 50+ sunscreen, hold approximately 10cm from the surface of the skin, spray and pat into your complexion. A chemical sunscreen must interact with your skin cells to be the most effective, so well prepped skin is a good place to start! Our quick-dry formula means this will happen swiftly - we recommend catching up on your Instagram feed for all of 20 seconds as you let Beachfox settle in for the next four hours.

So, for the skincare fanatics and SPF enthusiasts alike - want something fresh and light that absorbs quickly? Look no further than Beachfox for your new favourite addition to your skincare routine. 

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