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You make memories while Beachfox sunscreen takes care of your skin.

We’re for feel good and smell good and a hassle free solution. We’re on a goddam mission, join us in a suncare revolution! Beachfox most certainly is NOT that weird white gloop that is grudgingly smeared over our bods when our Aussie sun is pounding. We are your clear (er, yeah, clear!) SPF 50+ spray that loves your skin; protecting and nurturing it all year round - that’s right. BFF or skincare stalker? We don’t care, we just wanna hang with you 365 days a year.

Even though we’ve got a sunny disposition we’re on a serious mission; We are all about sun protection… the right way. The sort of protection that feels more like a hug from that cutie you’ve got your eye on than a sticky kiss from grandma. With four delicious Beachfox scents you’ll be sipping piña colada all day long* Lime, Grapefruit, Coconut or Vanilla? Our juicy fragrances will put a spring in your step, and have you coming back time and time again for sun protection that matches your vibe. *Ok so you may be dashing with a flat white to your next meeting but you’ll still feel like you are splashing through waves. We promise!

Created for every skin type (even the more sensitive among us), Beachfox sunscreen can be used on both the body and the face. ‍ So, go on, take your pick. In fact why stop at one - dammmn these beauties look hot lined up together…

Our mission? To make sun safety a priority!

Looking for the perfect partner for the Australian active lifestyle and your travels beyond? Born under the heat of the Australian sun, Beachfox sunscreen can (and will) go with you anywhere, anytime. Whether by the beach or at a music festival, hitting the slopes or cheering on your favourite team, the clear spray formula makes wearing broad spectrum SPF 50+ every day uncomplicated and enjoyable.

Application to dry skin? Easy! What about wet skin? Give us a real challenge. Made for ocean swims, dancing in the sunshine and smashing it on the court (...amongst everything else), just spray, smooth and go with Beachfox.


Created for you

Choose from one of four vibrant scents. Trust us – you will smell as good as you look.


Created to work

Dermatologically tested, TGA approved. SPF 50+ broad spectrum sunscreen that will go with you anywhere, anytime.


Created for whatever

Four hour water resistant. Dance your heart out at a music festival, dive deep in the Pacific, or pound the pavement at the park. Our water resistant, sweat-proof formula is made for… well, whatever whatever life throws at us!

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